Mindful Personalized Mandala - Community Outreach Programme (Batch Two)

Covid - 19 has definitely stirred our lives in ways that we could never imagine! But the good news is, there are things within our control that we can do to plan our present to have a better future. To explore what is within our control, we need to learn to be calm and relaxed first to allow fresh ideas to flow in and let go off old ways of doing things. The bad news is, there are things that are not within our control...wait isn't this good news too! Because wouldn't this force us to have a fresh lens on how we see things?

So join us for this community Lite Version outreach programme. Yes, you can do this with your family within the same house. Sign up and we will send you more details on what you need to prepare along with the virtual class details. Don't worry, things that are available in every house :)

We have 2 types of tickets and it is entirely up to you which ticket you wish to purchase. The Donation ticket is just for my time that I am allocating for this work and supporting you further in our group sessions.

PS : Please only signup if you are going to attend the virtual class as seats are limited. This is to ensure space is made available for people in the waiting list.

1.0 Introduction to Mandala

Mandala is an Asian Art which means circle. The circular designs symbolize the idea that life is never-ending and everything is connected back to you. The practice of doing Mandala has been published in art therapy journals stating it as a tool to bring calmness from within.

2.0. Purpose of Mindful Personalized Mandala

We are living in uncertain times. The stress levels that we face today is unimaginable which makes it a challenge to cope with life. Often times we end up saying things out of anger and resentment living behind scars among colleagues, friends and family. These scars are further jeopardizing our relationships with self and others.

Therefore, human sanity is always an area of concern as this will help us to gain a clear perspective about our self, how we could contribute to self and be more resourceful towards others.

3.0. Inclusion criteria of participants

If you are facing any of these situations OR would just like to join and explore for fun!

Stressed and needs a window of calmness Looking to regain balance in life
Looking for a new perspective on self and life Creativity outlet
Self problem-solving tool kit to be more productive in a work environment

Midlife crisis
Confused about life
PS: If you feel that you cannot draw or don't know how to draw ...it is ok because this workshop if fully guided and facilitated for
beginners like you.

3.1. Additional perks for participants

Pre-play book to guide and prepare participants

4.0. The flow of the virtual session

There are 4 sessions. Each session is for one hour except for session one which will be for two hours. At the end of the session, an evaluation form will be distributed and must be filled during that period of time.

4.1. Virtual Environment

We will only enrol 20 participants (max) per intake to ensure quality control and also a safe space to speak and share. It is advised that participants have their video cam switched on during each session. Basic art supplies should be prepared by participants and ready as advised in the pre-play book that will be distributed a few days before the first session.

5.0. Goals of Mindful Personalized Mandala

The goal of this class is to find inner peace and calmness from within. This is essential to regain strength, composure and perspective about oneself in times of uncertainties.

5.1. Learning Objectives of Mindful Personalize Mandala

The participant will be able to express their thoughts and feelings through basic drawing via step by step guided facilitation
Participants will be able to convert their thoughts and feelings with colours by experimenting with colours through guided facilitation
Participants will practice combining their drawing with colours through facilitation
Participants will apply their art expression into their personalized mandala through basic reflective questions.

5.2. Learning Outcomes of Mindful Personalize Mandala

A personalized mandala as your guiding compass about yourself
Attain inner peace and calmness by knowing how to defeat stress
To look back at your Mindful Personalized Mandala to remind yourself about your core and what is important to you to regain your balance and composure in life

6.0. Session Design

The session will be interactive as we will be using Accelerated Learning methods where applied based on the virtual session. After each session, participants will be lead to a private Facebook group for discussion purpose to ensure that each and everyone is having an enriching learning experience. The more posts that are being discussed the more everyone learns.

Thursday 9pm, Session 1 : Basic drawing. Replacing words with drawing (2 hours)
Friday 9pm, Session 2 : Exploring colours. Replacing words with colours (1 hour)
Saturday 9pm Session 3 : Expressing self through art based on questions ( 1 hour)
Sunday 9pm Session 4 : Creating Mindful Personalize Mandala (1 hour)

See you online soon!

Love & Joy

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Apr 20 - Apr 23, 2020
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